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D.D. Gales Inc.

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Private Real Estate Investors


Business Development


Business Plans

Every business needs a plan! Everyone knows the old saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" D.D. Gales Inc. will help you put together a comprehensive plan that will guide you through to success.

Grant Proposals

The most illusive source of funding for non-profit organizations are grants. Writing a grant can pose a unique challenge that D.D. Gales Inc. can help you overcome. 

Financial Plans

An important part of business planning is planning how to fund your business or project. D.D. Gales Inc. can help you plan out and organize the financial avenues available to your business.

Web Development


Just as important as a Business Plan, is a Web Development Plan. Establishing a strong internet presence is crucial to doing business in this millennium. From websites, to private networks, to Facebook Groups, Pages. Instagram accounts, Online Payments, ETC...D.D. Gales Inc. has got you covered.


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