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D.D. Gales Inc.

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Branding & Brand Awareness

Branding is the most important, although the most overlooked aspect of small business. We all know the big brand in corporate America, Why? Because they know the importance of branding! The difference between big business and small business is Branding!!! Developing a brand requires strategy and D.D. Gales Inc. with help you develop both.

Business Marketing


  • Professionally Organized & Monitored  Facebook Groups, Ads, & Pages
  • Instagram Accounts
  • Private Members Only Network
  • Donation Pages
  • Web-Stores
  • Email Marketing
  • Literature distribution 

Professional  Facebook Groups & Page

Social Media is a crucial part of any business' online success. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & others  can be tricky mediums to navigate. How you present information can literally make or break your business. Let D.D. Gales Inc. help you with your presentation.
Instagram Accounts

Instagram is even a bit more tricky than other social media outlets because it's primary medium is photos with captions & 1 minute video blurps. We can help you set up an intriguing Instagram account that sends the message you want your customers to see.

Private Members Only Network

Some organizations need the ability to meet  & organize online & private online networks give you the ability to do just that. The network is accessible anywhere in the world so you and your group will always be connected and updated. Let D.D. Gales Inc. help you get set up.

Donation Pages

Crowdfunding options like GoFundMe provide organizations a way to not only get much needed funding but spread their message and goals to the world. These avenues can often be integrated with other platforms like Facebook and Youtube to increase donations. Also apps like Chime and Cashapp can be used to accept regular payments and donations as well. D.D. Gales Inc. will help you get it all set up!


Probably the most important aspect of your website will be the ability to sell your product or service online. Along with designing your website we will put together a Webstore connecting to your payment system and account to receive online payments. We' ll even add your items for you! Schedule your consultation today!